Why Vir2us? No Smoke and Mirrors.

You have a lot of choices out there. It’s got to be tough to decide. Let’s level the playing field. We have no smoke and mirrors. Just clear protection from the worst the internet can throw at your health care network.


No Hardware Installs

Immunity Against Cyber-Borne Threats

Full Support

How Do We Protect Your Network With Vir2us?

We provide secure computing through secure processes, time-tested methods, and patented technologies.

VMUNITY Cyber Security by Vir2us

The Real Question

Times are changing and you’ve got to ask yourself one simple question. Do I want to address the actual problem before it’s deeply rooted, or constantly deal with the symptoms of the problem and get good at damage control? We believe the first option is more sustainable don’t you? No super glue required.

Endpoint Protection

The majority of the hacks were done at the Endpoint. Secure the endpoints and you eliminate this cyber vector entirely.

Threat Immunity

No application or process can have access to run unless it has been tested, approved, and authorized. No need to identify threats to stop them.

Over 20 Years Of Expert Development

Vir2us has evolved over the last two decades staying ahead of the competition at levels so high that you wouldn’t even believe it if you read it.

Think differently

 Information technology professionals are compelled to rely on vendors who provide what many so-called experts consider to be best-practices for cyber security. The difficulty is that there has been a significant failure on the part of solutions providers to recognize that a keeping-the- bad-guys-out approach reveals a failure to correctly identify the problem.         

Threats On The Rise

Things like ransomware are on the rise and taking down organizations everyday. Multi-layered protection and backups are not solving the problem.  Healthcare Solution Designs can save you the worry, your reputation, and resources through our secure methods.

VMunity gives you full control over all your digital assets, provides threat immunity, and allows you to be proactive versus reactive.

  • Endpoints
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
  • Cyber Espionage

American Hospitals

Total Patient Beds

Billion Spent on Threats

Realtime Prevention Options

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